Oracle BPM

Oracle BPM


Oracle Business Process Management Suite is acknowledged as the most comprehensive and business user-friendly BPM solution in the market as it supports design and implementation of various process types, business user-friendly modeling and optimization tools, tools for system integration, corporate activity monitoring dashboards, and rich task and case management competences for end users, delivers immediate and effective ROI and finally drives enhanced client experience and skilled operations.

Why Oracle?

Using Oracle BPM Suite you can develop process based applications that help you coordinate human and system activities across departmental and applications storage. In addition to this, it also delivers the essential perceptibility and agility to succeed and run your business efficiently.

Oracle ensures your enterprise excels in process management by providing a complete, industry-leading business process management (BPM) suite. Integrated BPM software ensures rapid time-to-value, business-IT collaboration and reduced total cost of ownership. This suite guarantees easy design, deployment and management process to be executed from basic to complex models.

The Oracle BPM helps you to streamline and extend your existing applications in following ways:

  • Boost visibility into the end-to-end process across applications.

  • Develop the business responsiveness to customer issues.

  • Removes the need to execute delicate customizations in an application as it lets you do those in the BPM layer and preserve your organization agile.

  • Generate and deliver effective consumer understanding that might include the Mobile and Social engagement as a part of your process.

  • Improve end-user experience by providing integrated dashboards, task list and UI.

How does it function?

The Oracle BPM Method is a tailor-made framework comprising exhaustive procedures required for real-world use of the Oracle BPM platform to analyze, design, deploy, monitor and improve business processes.

The demonstration of Oracle BPM suite is a sequential execution of the following five distinct phases,each of which can be iterative:

  • Process Selection-Helps you recognize process candidates that yield maximum ROI for business process automation and optimization.

  • Definition and Refinement - The preliminary definition which is the one-time regulation needed to introduce the designated business process into the continuous upgrade cycle; the refinement portion is the section that demands repetition for each iteration.

  • Technical Strategy and Configuration - Supports SOA and process requirements essential to drive the generation and strategy of business services. Also, collaborates the various BPM application artifacts such as process, UI and dashboards to produce a comprehensive and equipped BPM Application ready for deployment.

  • Testing, Deployment and Approval - Supports traditional development lifecycle and covers features such as functional testing, integration testing and usability testing.

  • Monitoring and Optimization - Ensures continuous process improvement that includes recognizing development prospects for the following iterations.