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Pega BPM - we are the leaders in pega staffing

Among all the competing solutions available in the market, Pega Business Management Suite is acknowledged as the leading provider in the BPM, CRM and Decision Management space on account of its Build for Change technology. Pega BPM is recognized as the most comprehensive and integrated BPM platform by leading analyst multinationals on account if it's well-equipped model necessary to create flexible and easy-to-use solutions. Since Pega BPM simplifies and automates your operations, it proves effective in decreasing investment costs and improving business agility. Among the various tools available in the market, it is proved and accepted that only Pega BPM can be rapidly deployed and tailored to meet diverse and changing requirements. The survey report shows that majority of the customers reciprocate 30% faster time-to-market using Pega over competing solutions.

Why Pega?

Pegasystems, the leading provider of enterprise-class business process management software and solutions presently, leverages the business process management in some of the world's largest corporations. Known to accelerate time-to-value, Pegasytems offers a wide-range of industry-specific solution frameworks required to generate process applications. Pega BPM places business users in control of business process management more than any other technology on the market on account of the following features:

  • In-built process design tools

  • Programmed generation of application code

The use of Pega not only empowers the stakeholders to acquire ownership of their business solutions,but, it also offers the basic requirements of an enterprise package such as ease of use, quick process, and quantifiable results. Also, Pega provides exceptional dynamic case management work automation system that is customized to target costumer centricity.

Companies in these extremely competitive businesses are switching to Pega systems due to following features:

  • Offers solution frameworks based on industry best practices available for financial services, insurance, health care, telecommunications, government, and more. Hence, the organizations that implement Pega BPM relies less on technicians and has superior process agility.

  • Delivers unparalleled functionality required to build sophisticated business models.

  • Possess flexible corporate guidelines.

  • Engineered for enterprise scale.

  • Offers expert BPM services that comprise training customers on the latest advances in BPM methodology.

Thus, Pegasystems is consistently recognized as the BPM industry leader by the market analysts.

Pega Plato Partnership

The dedicated team of BPM consultants at Plato Technologies are trained and certified by Pegasystems.We expertise in offering consulting and technology proficiency across the continuum of Pega product stack and industry frameworks. We enable scalability to clients' Pega BPM program on account of our investments into Pega competency development. In addition to this, we also have been successful in winning an exceptional track record of on-schedule delivery that is possible with proven delivery accelerators.

Since our delivery model emphases on engagement with business shareholders to recognize and highlight the key business requirements, our customers have prospered with their Pega investments.

We also specialize in delivering customizing the client's Pega BPM programs to guarantee that the business significance delivered in each phase is visible and can be well-articulated. This agile delivery methodology helps achieve the following business objectives through Pega investments:

  • Improved profits as a result of optimization of operational costs.

  • Decreased time-to-market by providing agile solutions.

  • Value-added end-user experience.

  • Additional business value from existing investments.

  • Greater scalability and predictability.

  • Greater investment in competency to provide clients scalability.

  • Rapid time-to-market without dismantling prevailing system.