Clinical Decision System

How to improve payment process with technology

Clinical decision support system (CDSS) can be described as an interactive Decision Support System (DSS) designed to support physicians and other health professionals at the point of care with decision-making tasks, such as determining diagnosis of patient data. This implies that a clinician can interact with a CDSS to make a better analysis of the patient’s data than either human or CDSS could make on their own as compared to the previous theories of CDSS, which were used to literally provide decisions for the clinician.

Challenges associated with CDS

Typically, CDS faces several challenges impeding its implementation in healthcare facilities. Apart the fact that these CDS must be integrated with a health care organization’s clinical workflow, which is often complex, most CDS are standalone product lacking interoperability with reporting and Electronic Health Record (EHR) software. In addition to this, the total number of clinical research and medical trials being published on an ongoing basis makes it challenging to integrate the resultant information. Moreover, integrating bulky data into existing systems is associated with significant loads on application and infrastructure maintenance.

Platotechnic Clinical Decision Support

Our Clinical Decision Support (CDS) provides world-class information and point-of-care technology solutions that leverage decisions and actions focused to increase the overall quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of care. We promise to deliver at the point of care through the following tasks:

  • Actionable clinical content
  • Care planning and documentation
  • Drug reference and decision support
  • Learning and performance management
  • Data mining

We proactively anticipate the information requirements of healthcare organizations and professionals across disciplines and deliver accurate, evidence-based and actionable information needed. By consorting with several other practicing clinical experts, we promise to create unmatched content and thus improve patient care, creating an efficient workflow at reasonable price.