Data Warehousing

Data Warehouse Management

An Enterprise Data Warehouse is a large repository of data generated within the organization including historical data, transactional data, raw operational data and processed data. With the explosive adoption of IT systems across pan-organizational levels, the volume of data churned out by these systems mandates a well defined structured data management approach to extract the immense value locked within this data. Enterprise Data Warehousing is increasingly becoming a requirement necessity.

Company executives and management are looking at their IT departments to create data warehousing solutions to manage data and transform it to valuable information that helps drive organizational strategy.

The Data Warehouse provides the foundation for Business Intelligence by providing access to the appropriate data in a way that’s easy to understand. The two main components are the design of a robust data model and the development of effective ETL (Extraction, Transformation & Loading) processes.

The data model translates business concepts into a logical format that is efficient and maintainable. All Plato Technologies consultants are formally trained in dimensional modeling and our approach includes milestone reviews where fellow team members critique solutions. Our consultants are also trained in multiple ETL tools and are able to leverage our internal knowledge-base for support.

The three typical engagements that we participate in are:

  • Data Warehouse Implementation
  • Data Mart Development
  • Data Warehouse Migration

Dealing with day to day business issues, putting out fires and trying to hit constantly changing targets tends to result in an ever growing number of databases and repositories, but chances are that elusive data warehouse still remains… well, elusive. Whether you want to create business unit specific data-marts or an enterprise wide data warehouse, the process of cleansing and integrating data from multiple applications across a variety of platforms can be a time consuming and costly process.

We can help...

Plato consultants have developed and optimized scalable data warehouse architectures for Fortune 1000 companies facing these very same challenges. Working together, we can help you define strategic data warehouse visions and utilize approaches that fit your specific environment and business needs. Oh, and by the way, we can also help you actually implement that elusive data warehouse in a reasonable time frame…

Our value

Our data warehousing practice is founded on a thorough understanding of the markets in which our customers operate, as well as on our proven methodologies and extensive technology experience. We utilize an incremental development approach and rely on a simple but highly efficient data warehouse architecture. With these methods, we are able to deliver effective results throughout the entire data warehouse lifecycle. Plato consultants have developed particular expertise in creating solutions for:

  • Data warehouse reporting
  • Data Mining integration
  • Distributed data warehouses
  • Slow- and fast-changing dimensions
  • Real-time and close-to-real-time data warehousing strategies
  • Data redundancy and aggregations
  • Integration of external and unstructured data
  • Sizing of database and application servers
  • Backup and data archiving strategies
  • Data transformations for advanced business rules
  • Multi-language environments.