Healthcare reform

Informing product strategy and go-to-market plans

Our team consists of policy analysts and implementation experts who provide consulting to health insurance carriers and those on the periphery of health care reform (such as brokers, vendors, IT sourcing and consulting in health care sector, policy and advocacy firms, and trade associations). Our unique perspective brings implementation and policy together to provide subject matter expertise on ongoing developments in health care reform and the impact certain reforms have on their companies, clients, services and offerings, and other stakeholders.

We are experienced in establishing structure and processes for Health Care Reform in all aspects (strategic analysis, policy and advocacy, capability development and ongoing operational processes.) Since the enactment of the law, we have conducted extensive analysis of the legislation and available regulations and guidance to develop proactive positions, architecture recommendations and designs for state-based and federally-facilitated Exchanges, risk programs and other related capabilities.

We can help your business succeed in the new Exchange-based marketplace post-reform by:

  • Constantly monitoring the regulatory environment to inform strategy and implementation
  • Providing subject matter expertise on policy/advocacy and health plan business processes and operations
  • Analyzing current structure and making recommendations for organizational, structural, and oversight changes
  • Developing full end-to-end approach to implement people, process, and technology changes necessary for compliance
  • Analyzing current corporate strategy to identify strengths and weaknesses with recommendations for taking full advantage of post-reform market changes
  • Informing product strategy and go-to-market plans
  • Developing communication strategies and content for internal and external audiences, including executive speeches, FAQs, counseling memos, briefing documents, talking points, and training materials.
  • Developing and implementing a program management structure for implementation of reform changes in the current environment of compressed timelines and inadequate federal guidance
  • Providing subject matter expertise on all ACA provisions and subsequently released guidance to identify impacts to health insurance industry, health care systems, state regulatory agencies, and other entities on the periphery of health care.