M&A Practice

Plato Technologies Enable Healthcare clients working with Investment Bankers and Healthcare funds

  • M&A Advising – Healthcare Business & Technology
  • Investment Advising – Healthcare Technology Solutions
  • Business Development Advising
  • Highly Invested in Healthcare strategic advising and M&A
  • Medicare, Medicaid and Reform
  • Commercial – Direct under 65 (off-exchange), Small & Large group and Taft-Hartley`

Over Half of M&A deals fail because of Financial & Bullish focus vs. Business focus. Lack of understanding to relate financial models to business capabilities and market conditions. Lack of understanding of the companies capabilities – people, process and technology. Financial data overshadows the understanding of business capabilities. Lack of post merger integration analysis, In-depth analysis is not performed especially on integration cost of technology, business process & culture. Lack of focus on Healthcare domains – Payor and Delivery, Lack of the insight into the Healthcare Information Technology Enable Differentiate M&A Healthcare Practice by providing assessment of Merger & Acquisition synergies specific to clients vision, providing Healthcare Economy advisor services. Align healthcare product & platform acquisition with existing clients products. Enable to build innovative revenue model & business model such as Licensing vs. SAAS vs. BPO vs. PMPM vs. Risk Based